Curtain walls

Curtain walls are an inseparable part of modern architecture. These structures combine modern technology with current trends to provide the necessary thermal insulation and acoustic parts. Thanks to the wide range of functions allow you to meet the diverse and sophisticated needs of investors, designers and architects.

The curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms joined together with stainless steel pin joints. In case of straight wall elements, this offers the advantage of rapid construction of the front wall. It is possible to build up slightly facet-shaped curtain walls with screw joints for the transoms. The clamping strip is coupled to the mullions by means of an extruded connecting bar, which also forms the thermal break for the curtain wall. This clamping strip is formed with co-extrusion of hard plastic as a basis and soft plastic to guarantee sealing.

  • the semi-structural facade system; it is used to design facade structures which create a flat surface on the outside without any visible aluminium profiles
  • MC Glass includes curtain walls without any visible external aluminium elements;on the outside only glass infills separated by structural silicone gaps are visible; glazing units have special profiled pockets and gutters in which mounting plates are installed to fasten infills to the curtain wall frame

In this system the same profiles are used for vertical columns as for horizontal crossbars which effectively influence the total price of the system. Lenght of profiles is indyvidual and is fully adaptable to the bulding for which is used.

The whole system is thermo isolated.

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