This is not just a place to rest amidst lush greenery, even in cool weather, It is also a thermal buffer, which protects the house in winter heat loss and summer – against heat. The most common material used to complete construction of conservatories is aluminum material rather lightweight, easy to install and maintain, resistant to corrosion.

Skeletons aluminum is characterized by high tightness and ease of shaping (you can create a rather complex structures lumps).
In addition, it is possible to use aluminum profiles with thermal insulation dividers, which gives a high level of thermal insulation – it is a perfect solution for winter gardens, which are to be applied year-round and a form of extending the living space.

Roof edge profiles for flat roofs available in different looks (Modern, Flat, Classic) and finishes. Skylight for flat roofs with fixed 30 ° tilt. Super simple fabrication through special angle girders.

Single and double slope system with thermo isolation. Roofing span width up to 2,5m (in case of using polycarbonate), 2m in case of using glass. This system is popular thanks to its simplicity and practicality during construction.

Single and double slope system with thermo isolation. Roofing span width up to 3m (in case of using polycarbonate), 2,5m in case of using glass. We can also place roofing windows in this system which is used in case of ventilation or fire.

Single and double slope system with thermo isolation. Roofing span width up to 4,4m (in case of using polycarbonate), 3,6m in case of using glass.

System used for more difficult roofing constructions, thermo isolated. 

Wide spread of roofing angles to static constructions makes the big advantage.

Thermo isolated roofing system for winter gardens. Height of the system is random (according to length of profiles), roofing span between 1,8-4,5m. Angles 90°, 135°, 150° are characterizing such constructions. This system has its typical shape and aesthetic value. It is considered as higher standard up to luxurious.

Thermo isolated system for projection of more complicated constructions. Roofing construction can be fixed at any angle.

There are static columns used in this system with all other parts to be fixed with them.

The ALIVER 600 series is a thermally broken conservatory roof system with self supporting roof panels of 55mm thickness.

This series is mainly used in private houses to construct conservatory roofs.

Exemplary winter gardens

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