Pergolas, canopies, carports

Systems of modern, lightweight canopies outside. With modern shapes and powerful functionality are a big alternative to the previously available light wood and heavy steel structures.

is a cold roof system that can be used for patio roofs and carports.

  • Totally updated simple assembly methods (fast and easy)
  • Angle of roof between 5° and 22°
  • Flexible reinforcement possibilities of joist and drain
  • Drainage with 80 mm diameter possible
  • Simple cabling for lighting
  • Glazing:
    • Single or double glazing (6-32mm)
    • Polycarbonate sheets (16,20,25,32mm)
    • Sandwich panels (20 mm)

series is a conservatory roof system without thermal break to build conservatories.

  • Different design possibilities

  • Modern look

This system is a very similar to other Aliver systems but it may also combined with wood. Base of the construction is made of aluminium profiles, wood is complementary accessory.

Profiles can also be especially lacqyered to imitate wood. Width of used glass fillers is 16,20 or 32 mm. This system is popular thanks to its aesthetic value, wood aspects and apperance.

Roofing system which is supplementary to wood or steel conctructions. Aluminium profiles may be lacquered into wood imitation. Single or double glasscan be used, polycarbonate is also the option. It is possible to assemble roofing lighting.

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