Folding door system

The folding doors are big opportunities of the original space design. Closed doors make aesthetic glazing which when opened can provide direct access to the terrace or garden. Folding doors are most often used in hotels, restaurants, shops and private homes, where there is a need to open the entire wall to create more usable space. Only the functional needs and imagination of the investor will decide whether to open our doors will be independent of each other, one, two or as many as six wings.

A three-chamber folding door system with thermal insulation that enables arrangement of wide open passageways.  The visual thickness of profiles in use has been reduced to give the design a light look. A new design of integrated hardware: one hinge with the bottom truck, one hinge with the grip and handles at a low height  (reduce the overall dimensions of the assembled structure).  The new hardware improve the functionality of design.

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