Solar control glass.

Solar control glass panels are very important element of modern building facades, allowing traditional construction materials to be transformed into exceptionally efficient solutions. We believe that the proper selection of a selective layer is crucial to achieving a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Our products are primarily dedicated to those who aim to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as aesthetics and user comfort. The use of selective glazing enables a significant reduction in unwanted room heating, which is particularly crucial in public utility buildings and offices.

Collaborating with us ensures you receive the highest quality products and professional advice at every stage of project implementation. Our specialistswith years of experience provide the right solutions to meet the unique requirements of your projects.

Types of solar glass

In our offer, you can find a wide range of selective glass panels that provide
excellent protection against UV radiation and enhance the comfort of your

The types of layers:


Selective layers are an innovative solution that allows control of sunlight in the room and limits the penetration of solar energy. The method of multiple layering with metal oxides, provides the desired effect of sunlight reflection. It works exceptionally well as protection for furniture and equipment against
color fading due to UV radiation.


Absorptive glass panels are slightly tinted within the glass mass. Available colors: blue, brown, gray, or green. This is an excellent solution for those who want to reduce the penetration of solar energy into interior spaces. These glass panels can be used as single layers or in composite form, tailored to your individual needs.


Reflective glass panels can be colorless or slightly tinted in colors: blue, brown, gray, or green. This glass is additionally coated with a metal oxide, allowing the light reflection effect. It serves as an excellent solution to reduce the
penetration of solar energy. Reflective glass panels can be used as single layers or in composite form, depending on the type of layer.

Optimal room temperature

Buildings equipped with thermal insulating glass significantly improve the comfort of staying indoors. They prevent unfavorable temperature distribution. In windows with standard glass, during the winter period, you can feel cold near the glass. Thermal insulating glass eliminates this effect. The temperature becomes consistent throughout the room, significantly enhancing room comfort. During the summer, if a room is exposed to sunlight, excessive heating can occur. This can be mitigated with reflective or selective solar control glass.

Reducing ventilation costs

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The eternal dilemma is achieving the right thermal balance for rooms with a southern exposure. During winter, a large amount of glazing with thermal insulating glass allows rooms to be heated by sunlight. These are known as additional heat gains. The same sunlight that carries heat energy in the form of infrared radiation during the summer can lead to excessive room heating. To lower room temperatures, air conditioning is used, and the cooling process is known to be more expensive than heating. To reduce these costs, solar control glass is used, which prevents infrared radiation from entering the room.

Reducing UV radiation permeability

It’s important to remember that fading of colors in equipment and furniture is caused by UV radiation, for which standard glass doesn’t act as a barrier. Using laminated glass, which is glass with a PVB interlayer, eliminates this phenomenon by over 90 percent. These are called laminated glass panels and
also serve as safety glass as they prevent the propagation of glass shards in case of breakage. However, it’s selective glass that utilizes the latest available technologies, providing a dual effect of reducing the penetration of infrared radiation while maintaining high visible light transmission.

All types of solar control glass are characterized by the highest quality and
attention to detail. Thanks to them, your interiors will not only be beautiful and
elegant but also functional and energy-efficient.


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