Aluminum joinery manufacturer.

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“If you are looking for the highest quality aluminum joinery, we are the perfect solution for you. As an experienced manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the market, we offer a wide range of products, including aluminum doors and windows, winter gardens, glass facades, folding doors, sliding aluminum doors, roofing, balcony enclosures, and railings.”


We use state-of-the-art equipment for cutting and milling aluminum. This allows us to eliminate errors, ensure perfect quality, and achieve high efficiency. We work with specialized equipment from the company Emmegi.


We are pleased to inform you that our company has just acquired the latest DCM1 digital welder, revolutionizing aluminium joinery production. This advanced machine not only ensures excellent corner quality, but also offers great benefits to our customers, who receive top-quality products.

Aluminum joinery manufacturer.


Our products provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and guarantee safety and modern design. The quality of our products is confirmed by numerous certificates and approvals, as well as the satisfaction of our current customers. As a manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, we are constantly developing our offer and introducing increasingly advanced technologies to ensure our customers the best product parameters. Our offer is aimed at both construction companies, investors, and individual clients. Taking care of comprehensive service and customer satisfaction, we offer a wide selection of designs, colors, and accessories for window and door joinery. Contact us today and find out more about our offer.

Aluminum joinery manufacturer.

Social policy

Actions in the field of social policy and sustainable development

Social Responsibility of the Pro-Fil company is a top priority in carrying out tasks and undertaking business commitments. The key features of our strategy are:

Transparency – we ensure two-way communication regarding our goals and intentions.
Ethical conduct – the provisions of the code of ethics are a priority for us. Respect for the law – our activities are always in compliance with Polish and international law.
Respect for human rights – every person should be guaranteed respect and protection of dignity.

Well-being and Diversity Policy

In interpersonal relations, we adhere to the principles of equal treatment. The basis of our actions in supplier selection is diversity, which is also present in our employment policy. The goal of our diversity policy is to: respect for fellow human beings, integrity in carrying out entrusted tasks, and credibility with our contractors.

We adhere to universally applicable legal regulations in the field of equal treatment, including combating discrimination and harassment, with the primary regulation being the Labor Code (Journal of Laws 1974 No. 24 item 141, as amended). We support a culture of diversity, equality, and integration.

Our most valuable asset is our human capital. The sum of individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, creativity, innovation, self-expression, unique abilities, and talents.

An essential part of our organizational culture is the sum of experiences of its participants, appreciating unique abilities, and the ability to express oneself.

Respect for Human Rights

Our organizational culture is developed based on full respect for human rights. For many years, we have adhered to international standards such as:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights.

The implementation of the Human Rights Respect Policy is in line with our mission and contributes to strengthening the international market position of the Pro-fil company. This policy reflects the basic standards of conduct in business, which promotes transparency in our ventures.

Maintaining the good reputation of the company increases our credibility with investors and employees.


Aluminum joinery manufacturer.


Up until today water has remained in our consciousness as an infinite resource. However with the ongoing effects of climate change becoming more apparent than ever, businesses and individuals are taking steps to minimize their impact on this precious commodity.
Water footprint is a measure of total water usage in the production of goods and provision of services. It represents all of the water that businesses utilize throughout their supply chains.
It is an important marker that ensures awareness and proper resource management.
With stakes being as high as they are, our approach has an impact on: brand credibility, credit rating and insurance cost.
Here at Pro- Fil we are steadfast in our efforts of achieving a better, greener future for us all.
That’s why we have started utilizing the measurement of water footprint and to grasp the extent of our own resource consumption and develop new strategies aiding us in minimizing our impact.
Of course as in many other companies, at Pro- fil water is an part of a production proces. With the increasing and ongoing impact that lack of water access poses we could not stand idly.
That’s why we have taken on the task of addressing this issue with accordance and respect to surrounding communities and nature.
With this new understanding our company has been constantly striving for and achieving more efficient water usage. We reach our goals by analyzing and improving all key aspects related to the resource such as: water management, balance and quality as well as planning out our future growth in accordance with previously established strategies necessary to minimize our impact.
All of the threats posed by the water crisis are not temporary, they’re an ongoing and accelerating process that influences people of all walks of life worldwide. Faced with these circumstances we all must strive to do better for ours and our planet’s sake.
That’s why whenever you choose Pro- fil you choose a company that’s doing it’s part.

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Pro-Fil M. Szczerbiński
ul. Krakowska 24
32-851 Jadowniki
kom.: +48 14 66 34 880

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