Aluminium conservatories

A fully glazed room full of sunshine, filled with plants with unique character. This is how a winter garden can be described. It provides original variety to the shape of the building and additional usable space. However, aluminium conservatories are not only a place of relaxation for householders, but also a thermal buffer that protects the house from heat in summer and heat loss in winter.


A conservatory must be characterised by a safe and robust structure that is resistant to changing weather conditions. This is why both the design and selection of top-quality materials is so important. The profiles used during the installation of the conservatory contain special gaskets and a system of channels allowing water to drain away. In addition, the slope of the roof allows the snow to slide off freely.
Aluminium is the material most frequently used for the construction of winter gardens. This is due to the properties of this material, i.e.: resistance to corrosion, lightweight construction, relatively simple assembly and maintenance. In addition, aluminium structures are extremely airtight and it is easy to give them the desired shape.


Well-planned lighting is effective, which can be seen especially in the evening. Usually, overhead lighting is installed in conservatories to reflect off the glass. Directional lighting illuminating a specific part of the room is also an interesting element of the conservatory. It can be hung over a table or placed near an armchair. Additional lighting elements and decorations adapted to the celebration and the season also create an intriguing effect.

Examples of conservatories

Victorian Plus

Thermally insulated conservatory roofing system with elaborate shapes. Fastening of rafters in the eaves as well as in the ridge by means of articulated hinged connectors. There are system corner connections of different angles: concave and convex. Rafter brackets, valley beams. Rafters of different heights giving the possibility to obtain spans from 1.8 to 4.5 m.

Wide selection of colours – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco Pl-0001), anodised (Qualanod 1808), bi-colour.

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