HST sliding and tilt windows and doors

Sliding systems allow windows and doors to move freely along their axis, allowing easy access to fresh air and views to the outside. They are also very airtight, which prevents noise penetration and maintains the right temperature indoors.


Ultraglide is the ideal sliding system for large glass surfaces, triple glazing with very high insulation values.


is extremely energy-efficient, almost invisible and elegant, so it is perfect for modern, low-energy construction.


is extremely energy-efficient, almost invisible and elegant, so it is perfect for modern, low-energy construction.

Schüco ASS 77 PD 

The panoramic Schüco ASS 77 PD system enables the realisation of sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Ultraglide – HS lifting and sliding system

Ultraglide windows and sliding doors

Best sliding systems in large sizes

The ideal sliding window for large glass areas with a very high thermal value. There are 3 insulation levels: UG – UGi and UGi+. The sash weight of this sliding window in a lift-and-slide system can increase to 440 kg.

This series allows the sliding window to be opened at 90°, without a corner profile. Ultraglide with a flat threshold is ideal for people with reduced mobility.

It allows the design of structures with very large running sash sizes: the maximum dimensions of structures possible with this system are:
sash height Hs=3300 mm and sash width 3200 mm

Variants available:


sliding system

Ultraglide niski próg

Ultraglide - low threshold option

sliding system

Ultraglide Monorail

sliding system

Modernslide okna przesuwane


sliding system

Aluminium sliding doors


With the Hi-Finity system, the user can enjoy an unobstructed view and an extremely efficient system solution. The robust design allows the installation of glass elements weighing up to 750kg and fixed elements weighing up to 1200kg. It provides excellent insulation thanks to the possibility of double and triple glazing, thus giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Maximum sash dimensions (H x W) 4000 x 3500 mm

Variants available:

drzwi przesuwane profil aluminiowy

Hi-Finity double glazed

Hi-Finity double glazing
Aluminium sliding door

Hifinity drzwi przesuwane

Hi-Finity triple glazed

Hi-Finity triple glazing
Aluminium sliding door

Drzwi przesuwane Hifinity

Hi-Finity Floor Finish

View without limits
Aluminium sliding door

Drzwi aluminiowe przesuwane

Hi-Finity Open Corner

Hi-Finity corner opening
Aluminium sliding door


The Schüco ASS 77 PD panoramic system enables sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling glazing to be realised. The sashes can be operated manually or electronically. The narrow profiles, the flexibility of configuration and the possibility of individually selecting optimum thermal insulation convince both architects and builders.


With its narrow profiles and concealed frame, the Panorama Design sliding system provides maximum transparency.

Schüco ASS 77 PD

  • thermal insulation value from Uw = 1.9 W/(m²K)
  • maximum transparency and maximum light transparency thanks to minimum profile widths from 30 mm in the middle section and concealed door frame
  • quiet and comfortable opening and closing by means of a push button via an external control panel,
  • innovative running rail solution with a load capacity of up to 500 kg
    large variety allows freedom of design
  • burglary protection up to and including Class RC 2 (WK2)

Variants available:

Drzwi przesuwane profil aluminiowy

ASS 77 PD.SI sliding system

Thermal insulation value from Uw = 0.85 W/(m²K)

Profil okienny aluminiowy ASS 77

Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI sliding system

Thermal insulation value from Uw = 1.0 W/(m²K)

Profil okienny aluminiowy ASS 77

Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI

Thermal insulation value from Uw = 1.9 W/(m²K)

The new MASTERPATIO system
more than lift and slide doors

A design with clean lines and maximum comfort.

MasterPatio is the most popular lift-and-slide system for manufacturers. Outstanding thermal performance and recycled materials make this premium solution the perfect addition to any eclological project.

discreet design.

In the city centre and by the sea, MasterPatio works well in any location. The best technical parameters combined with the freedom to choose the type of opening.


Maximum sash dimensions (H x W)


Wind load resistance

Max. air permeability

3600 x 3000 mm

E1200 (1200 Pa)

C5 (2000 Pa)

4 (6000 Pa)


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