Aluminum facade - MC Wall

MC-Wall is an aluminum protective wall made up of vertical posts and horizontal slats that are connected with steel pins.

Possible thicknesses of infills range from 24 to 31 mm for mullions with a thermal break and up to 42 mm for mullions with a separate thermal break. A plastic insulation profile is inserted into the columns at the installation site. The mullion design is always traditional: this means that the thermal break, clamping strip, and cover strip are separate elements.

Powder coating according to RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), wood-like structure Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized finish (Qualanod 1808), also bicolour.

Panel Walls

Panel walls, also known as facade walls, are a modern solution widely used in contemporary architecture. They can be adapted to almost any project because aluminum facade systems allow for the creation of technically advanced structures with varying shapes. Protective walls are nothing more than an impressive building facade that combines aluminum and glass. By using aluminum facades, newly constructed buildings will undoubtedly stand out from other facades with innovative construction. In addition, panel walls provide maximum natural light, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which is undoubtedly an advantage of these systems.

Aluminum profile wall

Aluminum profile system, also known as a wall made of aluminum profiles, allows for creating both simple and complex shapes of websites. There are several types of facade profiles available on the market. The most popular aluminum facade consists of vertical columns and horizontal crossbars connected to each other with profiles. The construction can be finished with decorative moldings with rounded or rectangular edges on the outside. On the other hand, MC-glass screen walls do not have visible external aluminum elements. From the outside, only glass fillings separated by structural silicone can be seen. Installation of this type of facade system is possible thanks to specially profiled pockets and gutters, through which fillings are attached to the protective wall frame. Pro-fil screen walls can be used both as vertical and inclined elements under any angle. Each wall made of aluminum profiles is created based on individual needs and requirements of our Clients.

Aluminum facade and its application.

Aluminum facade is an extremely durable structure, whose stability and safety are achieved by using internally reinforced aluminum profiles. The building facade made of aluminum panels and glass stands out with a high thermal insulation coefficient, effectively protecting against cold or wind. The aluminum facade is mainly used for constructing modern, glazed commercial and everyday use buildings, mainly office buildings, hotels, banks, offices, and car showrooms. It works great in the city center, providing excellent acoustic insulation even with high traffic intensity. Aluminum facade systems are increasingly being used in private house construction as well. The aluminum facades available in our offer meet the requirements of energy-efficient and passive construction, as well as fit into the aesthetics of modern architecture. A wide range of facade profiles is a response to the constantly growing interest and demand of the construction market. And extensive application possibilities allow to meet even the most technologically advanced expectations of architects and investors.

Aluminium Facade walls

MC Wall

Facade walls

mc-glass fasada aluminiowa

MC Glass

Facade walls

mc-passive fasada aluminiowa

MC Passive

Facade walls

Mc Fire roof świetliki przeciwpożarowe

MC Fire roof

Fire protection skylights

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