Aluminium windows and doors

They do not require any special care treatments, and their surface is resistant to scratches and dirt. Overall, aluminium windows are an excellent solution for anyone who values durability, tightness, insulation, and aesthetics.

Genesis 75 (75 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

Superial profil okienny

Superial (75 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

imperial okno aluminiowe

Imperial (65 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

star okno aluminiowe

Star (90 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

ecoline okno aluminiowe

Econoline (51 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

Steel look okno aluminiowe

Steel Look (90 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

ecofutural okno aluminiowe

Ecofutural (65 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

max light design okno aluminiowe

Max Light DESIGN (35 mm)

Aluminium windows and doors

Drzwi przesuwane aluminiowe

Sliding systems

Sliding aluminium windows and doors are a modern solution that allows for easy opening and closing of large glass sections. They are ideal for use in buildings where traditional windows and doors may be difficult to open, or take up too much space.

Sliding systems allow for easy movement of windows and doors along their axis, allowing for easy access to fresh air and views outside. They are also very secure, preventing noise infiltration and maintaining the appropriate temperature in the room.


Sliding doors

Ultraglide Monorail

Sliding doors

Modernslide okna przesuwane


Sliding doors

Visoglide profil okienny

Visoglide plus

Sliding doors

Ecoslide - okna przesuwne


Sliding doors

Slide plus - okna przesuwne aluminiowe

Slide plus

Sliding doors


Folding doors

Ściany fasadowe z aluminium

Aluminium façade walls

Facade panels are a modern solution that is increasingly being chosen in residential and commercial construction. They provide an excellent alternative to traditional facades made of materials such as wood, brick, or clinker.

Aluminium Facade walls

MC Wall

Facade walls

mc-glass fasada aluminiowa

MC Glass

Facade walls

mc-passive fasada aluminiowa

MC Passive

Facade walls

Mc Fire roof świetliki przeciwpożarowe

MC Fire roof

Fire protection skylights

Ogrody zimowe z aluminium


Aluminium winter gardens are the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature all year round. Thanks to their glazed structure, winter gardens provide access to fresh air and natural light while also protecting against weather conditions.

victorian-plus ogrody zimowe

Victorian Plus


aliver-2000 ogród zimowy

Aliver 2000+


terassndach ogód zimowy, carport


Carports, pergola

Fire protection systems

Fireproof aluminium doors are an essential component of every building where safety is the top priority. They provide protection against the spread of fire and smoke, helping to save lives and property.

fr-65 drzwi przeciwpożarowe

FR 65

Fire protection systems

fr-90 fr-65 drzwi przeciwpożarowe

FR 90

Fire protection systems

Mc Fire fasady przeciwpożarowe

Mc Fire

Fire-resistant facades

Mc Glass Fire fasady przeciwpożarowe

Mc Glass Fire

Fire-resistant facades

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