Panorama folding doors

A three-chamber thermally insulated door system designed for constructing folding doors.

With the Panorama folding wall system with thermal break, you can create wide entrances. The hinges are located between the panels and can be folded to the right or left to provide maximum opening. A 90° opening angle is also possible. This type of system is often used in bars, restaurants, and pools.
Depending on the requirements and application, the Panorama system offers designs that open inward or outward, with a very large configuration of panels (2+1, 3+2, 3+3). New integrated hardware: hinge with bottom roller, hinge with grip. and low handles improve the functionality of the design.


Sliding doors

Ultraglide Monorail

Sliding doors

Modernslide okna przesuwane


Sliding doors

Visoglide profil okienny

Visoglide plus

Sliding doors

Ecoslide - okna przesuwne


Sliding doors

Slide plus - okna przesuwne aluminiowe

Slide plus

Sliding doors


Folding doors

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